The -CSA Option: CSA field evaluation

Avtech offers the -CSA option for all AC-powered equipment. This provides a CSA Model Code SPE-1000 field evaluation for electrical safety compliance. The instrument will be inspected by a third-party (QPS Evaluation Services) for electrical safety compliance. An inspection label will be applied to the rear panel of the instrument.


A full copy of Model Code SPE-1000 can be obtained from the CSA Online Store. The scope of the code is reproduced below:

1. Scope 1.1 This Model Code provides construction, marking, and test requirements for the field evaluation of electrical/electronic equipment on behalf of participating provinces and territories by a certification organization or an inspection agency recognized by the regulatory authority. 1.2 This Model Code applies, but is not limited, to the following: (a) custom-built equipment for special applications; (b) equipment manufactured on a nonrepetitive basis; (c) equipment sold in limited quantities; (d) equipment not obtainable as "Certified" under a regular certification program; (e) equipment already installed and awaiting acceptance by the regulatory authority; and (f) complete systems or subassemblies. 1.3 This Model Code applies to equipment for which the evaluation is performed on a complete system or a limited number (batch) of units that are all available for examination and testing during the evaluation process. 1.4 This Model Code applies to equipment that may be evaluated at a client's facilities or at other specified locations, including the location of equipment installation. 1.5 This Model Code applies where the requirements are supplemented by requirements of particular equipment Standards, where referenced, and the installation requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, as applicable. 1.6 This Model Code does not apply to the re-evaluation of equipment that has been rejected due to the results of a previous evaluation conducted by a certification organization through any other existing certification service. 1.7 This Model Code does not apply to the field evaluation of (a) wire and cable products; (b) wiring devices; (c) equipment for use in hazardous locations; (d) electromedical, radiation-emitting, and laboratory equipment used in health care facilities; and (e) components that will require further evaluation as part of a complete assembly, such as switches, relays, and timers.

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