The -DPP and -DPN Double Pulse Options

Units with the -DPP and -DPN options provide outputs similar to that shown below:

DP waveforms

The -DPP option provides a burst of two positive output pulses on a common output with a variable time separation of 0 to +/- 10ns. (Other delay ranges can be provided upon request.) two independent pulse width and amplitude controls are provided. Units with the -DPP option have a maximum output amplitude of 70% of the standard maximum amplitude (except when the relative time delay is set to zero, in which case the addition of the two coincident pulses allows the 140% of the standard amplitude to be obtained). The -DPN option is similar, except that one pulse in the doublet is positive, and one is negative. The -DPP / -DPN options increase the rise and fall times by 50 ps.

Avtech recommends that units with the double-pulse option also be ordered with the monitor option, to simplify pulse alignment.

The -DPP and -DPN options are normally available only for units with a maximum pulse width of 10 ns and a max standard output amplitude of 20 Volts. The options are available for some models in the AVP, AVM, AVH and AVO-9 series. To specify the option, add the suffix -DPP or -DPN.

For -DPP and -DPN option pricing and availability, contact Avtech.

Avtech can also provide arrangements delivering up to 4 pulses in a burst, with fixed pulse-to-pulse spacing in the burst. This is accomplished by combining the outputs of 4 pulse generators internally, using a power combiner. Contact Avtech with your special requirements!

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